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Advertising: Eurostar Business Premier Class

Eurostar have chosen three pieces from Paul's ‘Life In Motion’ album, representing customer experiences in Business Premier, Leisure Select, and Standard Classes. Eurostar Business Premier Class uses Future Happiness, and is available on iTunes ©:

Paul Reeves - Life In Motion - Future Happiness


Eurostar Select class film still: Gare du Nord, Paris

Eurostar Leisure Select Class

The Leisure Select film depicts travellers on Eurostar from Paris to London, enjoying comfortable lounges and on-board service.

See the film here.

Eurostar Standard class film: Brussels Central Station

Eurostar Standard Class

The Standard class film depicts a group of young travellers on Eurostar from Brussels to London.

See the film here.


Paul's three Eurostar films are featured on the Eurostar's Travel Classes pages, in an elegant Flash implementation, here.

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