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Advertising and Television Video

Paul Reeves has written and produced some of advertising's most famous music.
His high profile clients include Eurostar, British Airways, Virgin Trains, Dulux, and Warner.

New Video: Trailer for Director Oliver Hirschbiegel’s D i a n a

Paul in the Studio: Life in Motion 2 Minimum Perpetuum

Paul conducting the strings for Life in Motion 2 at Tom Tom Studios, Budapest with the Hungarian Studio Orchestra. Produced by Sara Gilchrist for West One Music Group. Minimum Perpetuum is available on iTunes©:   Minimum Perpetuum - Life in Motion 2  Minimum Perpetuum - Life in Motion 2

Click here for more Life in Motion conducting videos!

New Video: Steven Spielberg's O b a m a

Barack Obama and Steven Spielberg teamed up to create a spoof movie trailer using Paul’s track The Patriot from his new WestOne music album Success Stories. DownloadThe Patriot from iTunes©   The Patriot - Success Stories

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